Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 4: Cheongwadae Sarangchae (Exhibition & Museum)

Our journey continues with the visit to Cheongwadae Sarangchae.

Cheongwadae Sarangchae is a historical center which gives chances to visitors to follow and see the president of Korea footsteps and to obtain information about the history of Korea.

Photography with Korean Little Boy

Hmmm.. actually there is nothing much beside the nice view and some information about Korea, so we just drop by to take a look for awhile and took photos then held back to bus for the next destination. =)

Day 4: Kimchi Factory

After end of conference and briefing of the Seoul International Mosque, we headed towards the Kimchi Factory.

As everyone knows, Kimchi is a traditional Korean food. It is one kind of salted vegetables as a result of the fermentation process vegetables with salt, and other ingredients such as dried shrimp powder, garlic, ginger and red chili. Vegetables commonly used to make Kimchi is cabbage and carrots, as in the image below.

According to our tour guide, Philip, during the making process of Kimchi, some Korean will put some Ginseng powder because it can add flavor to the Kimchi and good for health. Usually, the rich people in Korea will be able to do so because ginseng powder are expensive.

In Korea, Kimchi is always served at mealtimes and so are almost all our meals are served with Kimchi in Korea.

Learning Lesson

Dr Rohayu and me
Photography Session

Even the moments was so rushing and not enough time but all of us at least know how to make it. =)

Day 4: Seoul International Mosque

Seoul International Mosque is also the headquarters of the Korea Muslim Federation (KMF) which, in the mosque not only serves as a place of prayer but also have an office, classroom, conference room, and lodging for the needy. 

A visit to the mosque is not only just to see the majestic beauty of this mosque, but for us to learn about the history and development of Islam in Korea.

A brief was arranged by the administration of the mosque to provide information about the history of Islamic society in Korea and Islamic cultures in the country.

Main View of Mosque

View from Mosque

Talk by Person-In-Charge of Mosque in Conference room

Photography Session

There is a funniest memories for me over here and totally unforgettable. Beside that, the person-in-charge of Seoul International Mosque are warmly and friendly. If there a tourist who are non-muslim came for visited, they will gave them some gift to appreciate them for visiting the mosque. =)

Day 3: Abai Village & Daepo Wharf

Next, we leaving to Abai Village!

Abai Village

The word "Abai" is derived from region Hangyeong-do, which means, "the elderly". Depicting the history of many aged refugees from North Korea that has been enter to South Korea during the Korean War.

This area has become popular since a popular Korean drama "Gaeul Donghwa" (Autumn in my heart), which played here.

A draw of Lee Min-Hyeong

Beside that, Abai Village also famous because of its food, called Abai Sundae and Hamheung Naengmyeon.


While, Daepo Wharf is an old traditional market area close to the residential community where the main activities in this area is to carry on business and employment-based resources from the sea. Most people here are fishermen and seafood dealers. 

There is a lot interesting activities of daily life can be seen when you are here. We here study how they run their business and the entrepreneurship. 

Really nice and good experience which we can see many different kind of fishes, seafood and different kind of snack from Malaysia. =)

Day 3: Seorak Mountain

After visited Teddy Bear Farm, we headed to Mount Seorak located in Gangwon, South Korea. 

Seorak mountain is the highest mountain at Banjaran Teabaek. The mountain is named Seorak because the snow here last longer than other places. Seorak mountain is also the third highest mountain in South Korea.
Waiting for our turn to take cable car to the top

The view from cable car

When we reach there.

Playing Snow.. =)

Snow are everywhere.

Finally she met her favorite artist.

Photography Session at Mount Seorak

A very good experience because that is my first time touching real snow with my hand! =)