Saturday, August 25, 2012

23/08/2012 - First Day, New Life.

23th August 2012, Thursday 
In the morning, we check-in dormitory together and on the same day we met our Malaysia seniors who studied master here. Actually before we came to South Korea, we already knew them because they have the Facebook group add all the Malaysia Students who study in Ajou University. It's really convenience for us because we can ask everything about the new environment and be prepared.

Start from today onward, we will refer to them if we have any question. After knowing them, they 're so friendly and willing to help us anytime, anywhere and any problem that we faced. They're so caring and make us feel safe and comfortable staying here. Once we arrived, they invited us to have lunch together because they know all of us tired for seating flight 6hours 20mins. It's really really nice and glad.. hmm...what to say.. feel like home. =)

After having lunch, we went back to our room and unpack our things. At the moment, someone came in and say Hi! She is our roommate, Mary which is from China. Before met her, all of us wonder how she would be. Friendly or someone that hard to accept our Malaysia live style due to we are the major in room. Hmmm... My thought about China student is negative and bad due to China student in our university, they are rude and unclean? Some of them just wear underwear walking around dormitory and always cause the toilet dirty. But after knowing her, my thought was change. Not all the China student are same. Mary major in English literature that's why her English is good and we can easier communicate with each other. She is friendly and understandable. She the one who love to learn and explore new thing. That's why she have a lot question about Islamic so sometimes i will explain to her in Chinese.

Due to I'm the one who can understand and speak Chinese so i became the translator in our room. If anyone don't know how to translate or explain, at that moment i will appear to help them. At the beginning it's fun to translate and now or sometimes  when almost all the words i need to translate, i became tired and sometimes lazy to translate for them. So sometimes i will ask them or make them to speak in English with each other. Felt bad at the beginning but at the end i think what i did is good for them because from here all of us can learn and improve our English. (still... am i bad?)

At night, we went to cafe to having dinner. Their cafe system totally different from us. In Malaysia, we bring cash to counter and pay the money to get food. Here, we need to go to the self-service machine to choose what we want to eat, click on it and insert the money to get the ticket. Then bring the ticket to the counter and in a few minutes we will get our food. It's sound difficult and waste time but with this way, they won't face any problem in losing or short in money. Even though the system are efficiency, in my opinion, the menu too little and student can only order a few and same menu everyday. Student don't have much choice to choose what they want to eat. Lucky we cook our food by our self. So it's won't feel boring. In fact, it's fun because we cook together.

Here it is! Our room! I really like our room because it's comfortable. Our dormitory's rooms are furnished with 2 single beds for 2 bed room and 2 bunk beds for 4 bed room. So we choose the 4 bed room so that we can stay together and share thing together, like cooking. It's convenience for us. Our room provided with dressers, desks, chairs, internet cable lines, phone (for us to call other friends from other room), fan and even the air-con plus heather. It's really cool isn't it? =) Beside that, each of us also been provided a bed sheet, an air pillow and a blanket when we move in here.

My desk and dresser

This is my desk and my dresser. Well, it's look empty due to we just move in and of course i bring along the friendship card that made by my best friend, Mas because when i miss them, i will take a look and smile. =)

Then i took a walk to look over the environment and facilities that provided in dormitory. It's really nice and comfortable. All of us really like it so much.

At the beginning when we arrived and move to our floor, when i saw this pavement (kaki lima), the first thing that come in my mind is.. "scary~ It's look like in the hospital." But now slowly we use to it and i like it because here, our dormitory always keep in clean due to the adjumma (auntie cleaner) clean the dormitory everyday excluded weekend.


Here is the Toilet~ Everything looks so clean am i right? If Malaysia friends saw this, i'm sure that they will say it's look like staying in a hotel not dorm. Hehehee.. We are so lucky isn't it? There is the washing machine and the dryer machine. It's same like our Malaysia dormitory, we need to put coins to use it but there is one convenience thing here, the dormitory provided the changing coins machine at ground floor for student. Beside that, they also provided the self-washing place so that student can wash their clothes and dry it up. Here, they also provided mop and even vacuum for students. =)

Then..... I also like their toilet bowl~~ . Maybe it's seen like i'm crazy but it's true i like it because the toilet bowl are automatic machine (like we always saw in korean drama in the rich people house). I do love it so much. =)

Here, the shower rooms... At the beginning it's hard for us because it's different from our country that most are door but here it's only the plastic sheet as the door. For us, not sometimes but all the times we felt unsafe when took a shower. Most of the student here, they not often take a shower because their country have 4 season and not always sweat a lot like us in Malaysia. So, it is weird for them to see us took shower everyday at most the time.

Shower Room

In our dormitory, there is PC labs that are located on the 4th and 5th floor and are opened 24 hours a day for students to use. Luckily it is in our floor. So sometimes students spend their time here to study and make a discussion together.

PC Labs

Next, there is Rest Room at each floor for students to have a chitchat here and spend time together with friends. In the rest room, there is the refrigerator and water cooler. I always took water here to drink and keep my Kimchi and some fruits inside the refrigerator here. =) They are very systematic in managing. All the student are required to get the sticker at the officer room and stick the sticker at their container then put their container in refrigerator. Every month they will provide different color sticker and on the sticker we have to write down name, room number and the date we will keep our food. Every Wednesday, adjumma will clean the refrigerator and if there is no sticker on the container or food, she will throw it away.

Rest Room

Beside that, each floor also provided a TV Lounges/room. But we are less to spend time here due to all are korean channel and i don't understand what they say. hahahaa... Here, there is the place provided for student to iron their clothes.

TV Room

At the ground floor there is common room. Common room is for guest and both genders students can freely communicate. There are equipped with English magazines, multiple language broadcasting channels and comfortable sofas. Beside that, there is vending machines (ATM), religious room (tempat sembahyang for muslim), small lecturer room, convenience store (mini mart), gymnasium and seminar rooms provided.

Students are provided a student card, which is we will use it to touch for every class attendance and touch it to enter to dormitory. So, their security are good because with this way, will stop all the outside come in and  prevent lateness to class.

Our dormitory coordinator office also arrange and having a Korean language class every week for student who wanted to learn Korean language. It's really fun!

Besides that, i also like their services. When student report inconvenience thing or anything that not function well their will take action in a day. Really really nice. =)

We love the facilities and the services that provided by Ajou dormitory and felt comfortable.
I LOVE IT!!! =)