Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 8: Unplanned..

Week 8: 15/10/2012 - 21/10/2012

19/10/2012 Friday

Today, since our Korean class cancel, we use the coupon that my friend gave last 2 days to pay a visit to Seoul Land. =) Another amusement park in South Korea. Another Fun weekend and we only need to pay 14000won (RM42)!! 

Since i was here, can consider almost all the weekend im out for travel and visit all the places in South Korea as much as i can because not all the people can have this kinda opportunity. Once we grab it, we need to appreciate all the time and opportunity we had. 

This is the 3rd amusement park i have visited. Seoul Land is Korea's first theme park compare to Lotte World and Everland. Seoul Land have a beautiful scenery surrounded by Mountain Cheonggyesan.

Seoul Land operating hours is from 9.30am to 10pm, so early in the morning we took 7100 bus to Sadang and then took the subway to Seoul Grand Park Station (Line 4), Exit 2.

Maybe today is the special day for school trip for many Korean Schools that's why today a lot students from primary to secondary are here. we saw many students wear different uniform and kids from kinder garden so cute. Boys and Girls are holding hand and line up together. But the bigger problem for us is we needed to Q for long long time to play a single game! So sad and stress. Felt like wasting a lot of time. To prevent that, we use all the time we have take pictures first.

Since too many people, we choose games that have less people to line up. Well, overall i still like Everland compared to Seoul Land because Everland decoration more beautiful,  unique/adventure games and that time less people so we play almost all the games until late night!

The rotating house

My favorite Bumped Car

Shot Drop

There also have some games that didnt have other amusement park. That's make Seoul land special. 

This one, i don't know what's the name.. It's will spilled us up and down. Cool~

Since one of our friend have something important to do so we need to go back early. Around 7pm something we left Seoul Land. Too many people until some time we can't find where our friends is.

Still i not satisfied enough because too little games we can play and too many people until make me felt so crowded and disappointed.. But luckily at the end, the students all back early only after 5 or 6pm we enjoy our self.  


20/10/2012 Saturday

Since everyone so tired because yesterday we use a lot energy to have fun at Seoul land so we plan today we take a rest in room. But for me... without planning, i asked one of the friend accompany me and we just have a visit to Nandeamun. Well, Nandeamun famous with a lot of cheap thing, souvenir and food. Im tired but still travel is a need for me. =)

First time for my friend to be here but 2nd time for me. Everything still same, have a lot of shop and very crowded. So we just have a look if there is any cheap thing to buy but... everything seen expensive for us and very crowded until no mood to shop. 

So we just looked for the foods. The foods here attract us a lot. After looking for so long, we decided to eat this!!! Pig Foot... For chinese, it is a delicious food and since both of us can eat pork so we have a try. Luckily my muslim friend didn't follow us, if they do i'm sure we won't have this chances to try it.

The price is 20,000won (RM60) for the small portion. we share 2 person so i think still worth it. Each just have to pay 10,000won for this. But the small portion actually big enough for us. i think 3 or 4 people can share for this meal. 

Try to imagine 把猪脚和其他菜合起来,然后用萨拉菜把猪脚和其他菜包起来。。点下虾酱,塞进口里。。哇~爽到~~~ ho Chiak!

After that, we took a few minutes walk then we reach Myeongdong. Never though with walk we can reach there without subway. Everywhere is near in South Korea. Only up to us if we willing to travel and explore it by our self.


21/10/2012 Sunday

Today also was unplanned with my friend to go visit Hello Kitty and Coffee Prince shop which located at Hongdae. Actually i really want to go these places for a long long time to see what so special about it, then i asked my friend how about today we go there to shop something and visit those places. 

So we took bus to Sadang and change to subway Hong-ik University station. From Sadang to Hong-ik University quite far and took quite longtime to reach there. After came out from the Subway i saw this kitty sit there with the sad face while looking at his phone..

Cute right??? It attract all the people around here to took pictures and wonder what happened.. Guess what.. a promotion from a shop... Korean really know how to attract people and promote their product well. So they attract a lot people and spread the shop's information to the customer and people around here. =) 

We continue looked for Hello Kitty Shop first because before we went there we already checked this is the nearest Shop from subway compare to Princess Cafe. It's really easy to find it. How to go??? Here!

Here i am! At the Hello Kitty Shop!

Everything so pink~ I don't like pink but i still can accept Hello Kitty. hehehee... So we take a look inside there. The food look so beautiful and delicious.. but i still not hungry so i order an ice-cream and my friend order waffle. Let's have a look at the food and the price..

After make an order and payment, we looked around and took some pictures. Here, the Hello Kitty's environment. This is the first floor and before we go to the 2nd floor there is a corner showing Hello Kitty products.

Im not Hello Kitty's fan so i didn't buy any of this. Because in Korea, there is a lot Hello Kitty products.. Everywhere~ and sometimes we can bargain to get cheaper price.

Next, we walked to upstairs to find a place to seat. So here the decoration more pretty and attractive. We also can see a lot of people have a drink and taking photos.

Most here are foreigner who came for visit. So we also find a place to sit and waiting for our foods.

Well for me sitting here and waiting is not my style. hehehee.. So again i took a walk around here and snap as much pictures i like.

We are giving this thing to pick up our order. Once it vibrate, the foods is ready so we need to go to the counter for pick up.

We wait around 15-20minutes, our foods is ready. So i went down there and pick up our foods.

Tatta~~~~ the foods that we order~~

Since we already have taste more delicious waffle and drink...So i think the food here .. Hmmmm.. So so  only... nothing special.. The special thing here is the Shop decoration only..

Normally or can say almost all the Korean shop they prepare a place for us after meal to put all the dishes/plates. So the same as Hello kitty.

After that.... i went to the toilet... hehheeee.... (I know friend will say even toilet also tak lepas? kene jugak ambik gmb?)

After finish our meal we continue walked down and i still explore inside here... The kitchen!

Next and finally! We continue our travel and looked for Coffee Prince Shop. It's really tired because we walked a lot and waste a lot of time looking for Coffee Prince Shop. It's a little bit far away from Hongdae central and there is another shop also name as Coffee Prince Shop. This is the real one and we found it after half an hour walking.

Well, here there is some unhappy moment before we went in. Because we saw the notice wrote, if you want to take pictures please buy and make order after that only can take pictures around. It's seen like they not really welcoming people and wanted to get money only. But to complete my wish and places to visit in the list so we just went in.

The view from window
Once we in there, we have to order directly.. Hmmm... After that, we choose a sit and wait for our drink. Each of us order drink. 

I order a cold latte and after drink it there is nothing special about this drink and my friend's drink too... Hmmm.. i guess just the movie make this place famous not the drink. The drink cost me 7000won (RM21) ... Hmmm.. Not worth it... I not recommended any of my friend to go here.

So i just took pictures around here.. Enough for 1 time and the last time visited here.

Even it is a tired day and we finally completed all the vision and mission looked for these few shop but i satisfied with it. At least, i visited all the places that i should and brings the memories back to Malaysia and share with friends.