Sunday, August 26, 2012

24/08/2012 - Orientation Day, Welcoming Party

24th August 2012, Friday
Today is our orientation day. This is the day all the international students from all over the world that been selected will gather and listen to the introductory and information from OIA (Office of International Affair).

At 9.30am, all new international students register at the Auditorium and received some documents that we need to do after that. 

After register, there is welcoming address and introductory video of Ajou university shows all the activities from last spring season to us. It's look fun and they really have a great time over here. It's make us felt more excited to looking forward at the activities that will be provide to us. After done, introduction, we been provided all the information about campus life & facilities, how we want to survive in Korea and Dormitory life & fire prevention. It's really a short and useful information all provided to us.

I think, if in our home university also do the same thing is much more better. We no need to waste time to have an orientation for 1 week because 1 week orientation make student felt tired and even some fell asleep during the orientation. So it's like not effective. Short orientation save cost and save time.

After that, they gave us a special lecture on sexual harassment caution program. It's really funny and awkward but the information provided are useful to us. I think in Malaysia suppose to have it as well. This is my first time attending the sexual harassment caution program. I really learn and know a lot information what should and don't. 

Then, we have a break time and this is my favorite part because there is variety of food provided and i taste it all. hehehe.. So delicious and enjoy it. Most are the Korean and Western foods so everything i can eat. But pity to Nani and Sarah. They scare to eat due to not sure the food is halal or not. So they went back room and have their lunch. I keep continue having my lunch with Mary and other China friends. From here, i knew some foreign friends. They are Chirstina from Puerto Rico and Elina from Finland. So we have a chitchat then slowly be friends and sit together for the next orientation by AGA members. =)

After end of the orientation, all of us took pictures together and kept it as memories. =) 
Next, there are welcoming party organised by AGA members at 7pm.

Since the welcoming party is located at Bar, Nani and Sarah are not joining us. So, i went there with Mary. This is my first time went in and have a drink with all the friends. Felt scare and doubt because went to this kind of place but when go in and meet all the friends it's so excited and fun. Everyone seen so enjoy and have fun together. I sit with Chirstina, Elina and from here i knew another new friend, Martin from Germany. Luckily all of us not really drink beers. So, everything still in control and i keep request for the plain water to drink after drink beer with them.

Then, the AGA member come to us and then here we go~ start played all the Korean games. It's so funny and fun. Here, i learn a lot Korean games during they have a drink and spend time with friends. Then, Kyoung Min and Jisu the AGA members treat us Korean Drink which called Soju. First time in my life try it. At the beginning it's not tasty because it too sweet then slowly i OK with it. After drink it, my body became hot and little red on face. Hehehe... I'm bad in drinking. I guess this is the last time i drink it. No more next time.

Sometimes, is not a bad thing to join this kind of party because from here we can knew some new friends and learn about Korean culture. From this party, i learn and knew about the Soju because the AGA member explained it to us. Then Jisu, the AGA member also teach us some Korean words and how to drink in-front of someone who older than you to respect them. They demo it to us and it' so funny to watch them do it. Besides that, they also have some games to all of us to participated especially they compete to dance gangnam style.