Monday, August 6, 2012

Spaghetti & Bagan Lalang BBQ

Yessssss! Finally my wish to go holiday at beach when i still study in UKM came true~ 
This is the day i felt so happy and excited because i went there with all the crazy, sporting friends and from zero until the end of the holiday we planned it all together at last minute. Well, sometimes, last minute planning always cool and fun. So there is 9 of us, 5 guys and 4 girls. Actually this is the holiday we want to do it with our major course mate longtime ago, but everyone seen so busy and can't confirm. So we just keep going on our plan with the people who really really want to go. =)

The day before Bagan Lalang, i went to Ina's house slept over there to prepare all the foods. We shopping together and buy all the ingredients we need. She kinda COOL because she did it all along to list out what we should buy and what we need for the BBQ. So its easier for us to shop and done in a short period. Night time, both of us started to prepare the BBQ ingredients but most, she did it all along and i just watched what she do. Hehehe.. Because when i want to cut the chicken, her mother came over and did it for me. So i just be babysitter for awhile. =) After that, Ina continue prepared all the ingredient and i am appointed to be her assistant. =)

That night, my another wish also came true and fulfilled by Ina. She cooked Spaghetti for me and i was so happy since i keep asking her to prepare for me for a longtime ago. This is also the gift from her for my leaving to Korea for the exchange student program.

5th August 2012, Sunday, early in the morning we woke up and continue prepare everything. Uncle Husaini and Auntie Mas was in-charge for the transportation. At 3.30pm, all of them came to fetch us. Myvi for guys and Kancil for girls. So here we go!

Our Driver Auntie Mas. =)

Well only can see Uncle Husaini teeth. hahaha..

The journey took almost 1 hour to reach Bagan Lalang from UKM. We didn't face any problem to Bagan Lalang because Ina knows the way to go there and after that we just follow the signboard. Once we reached there.. Wow~ Nice view~

We walk along at the beach and the guys i don't know where they get the kites so 5 of them keep playing there. They fly the kite as higher as they can then don't know who gave the idea putting something like dry grass on the kite's string to make it fly up near to the kite. Well, it seen like nothing to do but its fun. =)

Kanak-kanak besar Riang. =)

The kids there watch over Gary i guess because he can't fly the kite. haha. =)

Then we took pictures together as much as we can to keep it as our memories.

I have to cover up Uncle Husaini's mouth because its too scary... =.=

After that, we wait for the sunset and took pictures together again! =)

The most sweetest moment when everyone is happy. =)

After that, everyone started busy to prepare BBQ. Here we go our Food~ There is Bihun Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Coslow, Sardin Sandwich, BBQ chicken black paper and kunyit, burger, hotdog, fishball, some snack, cake, coke, air kelapa, air tebu and so on.... (i know its fat~)

Setting up the BBQ place

Our Pakcik Ayam. He really good in BBQ this. =)

Our lighting Girl, ida. =)

Due to the demand from Uncle Husaini, we bought the burger for him.

My favourite kerang! We bought 1kg but all finished by Uncle Husaini and Auntie Mas. Well, i guess next time i need to buy at least 5kg because it is everyone favourite. =)

After done BBQ, we all sit down and eat together. It is candles light dinner since there is no light and we bought the candles to lighting up. hehe... Romantic moment with friends. 
Thanks to them for realize my wish for the last time. 
This was my unforgettable holiday, sweetest and memorable moment with them. 
Hope that our friendship will lasting forever with true and honest. =)