Friday, August 24, 2012

The Day Malaysia Met South Korea..

For the first time i'm leaving my own country for a long period. Hmm.. it's really headache to think what i should bring and what i need to do over there plus keep worries what i haven't done yet before leaving. Scare that, something left behind and can't turn back to Malaysia to be done. Besides that, deep in my heart, I'm worry about my family. Worry that if something happen, what i should do or will it be too late to be home when they need me.

Day by day, when its near to the day i almost want to leave to South Korea, i handle everything with calm but i can't feel the excited for leaving. Maybe because everything was done and have nothing to worry anymore or maybe because i went to South Korea before? My feeling like unstable? Blur? Hmm...

There is 3 of us, Nani, Sarah and i will leave to South Korea together. Feel glad because 3 of us are in the same dormitory and same room due to the request. This will easier for us to go anywhere together and less feel inconvenience. Soon we will meet our roommate from China. I wonder how she will be. How is her personality and can she adapt herself with us? Hope all of us can share our culture and living well together. Can wait to know her. And also hope that from her i can improve my Chinese language. =)

Since Nani and Sarah are Muslim so they keep worry about the food because most Korean food are non-halal and i keep worry about the financial problem that may face when stay there. Even though our university gave us sponsorship but it's not enough due to the Korea currency are more higher and the food, clothes and everything that we need are expensive. It's 3 times our money! =.= (headache, headache..) That's why 3 of us make an early plan, each brings Malaysia flavoring (perencah) so that we can cook. With this way, we can save our money. =) 

For me, i bring my winter coat and all winter needs due to we will stay until end of December. I don't want to waste my money to buy new winter coat since i can't wear it in Malaysia due to our country are hot for the whole year. There will be winter season at Korea! Can't wait to feel it by myself for the first time. Hope before i'm back, i can see the snow falling and touch it. =)

We just bring a few clothes or maybe clothes that enough to wear for a week then for sure we will go  for shopping due to the clothes there are nice and beautiful. Besides that, i just bring all the necessary thing and daily use like i bring to UKM then just bring it to Korea. 20kg done!

23rd August 2012 is here! 3 of us promised to meet up at 9.30pm at LCCT airport but i'm late due to i came from Ipoh and it is traffic jam. All of us are inform by AirAsia to reach 3 hours early to the airport for check in due to the Hari Raya. Both of them have their families sent them but i the only one alone. Haiz.. My family are faraway so its ok to be alone i guess. Well.. maybe a little bit felt sad? Luckily my buddies Rathi and Arvin came to sent me off! They willing to ride motorbike from Jalan Ipoh came to LCCT just to sent me. I'm really happy, touching and glad. At the end, i still have "family" sent me and not lonely anymore. Love you guys. =)

Rathi and me. =)

3 of us. =)
The flight took 6hours 20minutes to reach South Korea. Once we reached there, we been pick up and welcome by AGA (Ajou Global Ambassador) members. They show us how to took bus and taxi to Ajou University and directly register our dormitory. I love the way they managed all the way. Its so systematic and follow the flow. 

After reached our dormitory, we received keys and our room are located at 5th floor which are the most higher floor. At that moment when they say there is no elevator, i felt like want to fainting. Which mean all of us need to carry our 20kg baggage from 1st floor to 5th floor. Luckily there is 2 foreign guys who help us carry our baggage to our floor. Thanks God and also really really thanks to them for helping us. =)

I love our room because everything look nice and comfortable. Hope that, 4 of us can live well and face all the challenges together in future. Wish that we can spend all this precious moment with full of memories. =)