Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 3: Adapted to the Environment & Explored by Ourself

Week 3: 10/09/2012 - 16/09/2012

11/09/2012 - Tuesday (Solemio)
Today after class, i went out with Diana to buy some thing to eat. We have a window shopping at Ajou street, buy some ladies stuff then looking for restaurant/shop to have lunch+dinner before we go back to dormitory. 

Korean Culture: Most of the people here just walk and take public transport go to everywhere they want. 

Just before we want to cross the road nearby small Home Plus, we saw a western foods advertisement. Since my other 2 muslim friends are not around, we just go and try it. 

We order for 2 person set meal and here we are the Seafood Tomato & Cream Spaghetti ~

Delicious~ I like both bread!

 And this the Fried Rice Cheese~

There is 2 drinks, Cola and Soda (Malaysian called it Sprite), Fried Rice Cheese, Garlic Bread, Salad  and Tomato Cream Spaghetti. It's cost 12,000won (RM36), so we share it together.

I love the environment here. The decoration are so beautiful and sweet. I guess this place actually suitable for couple to have their meal here. Let's have a look!

Each corner have their own different theme color and design.

Even it is expensive but we satisfied with the foods and environment. 

14/09/2012 - Friday (Dongdaemun)

After the class, we all went to Dongdeamun Shopping Complex to have a walk and shopping! It's really a nice place to shop. Of course some are cheap and there is the expensive thing. So it's up to us how we bargain with the seller. 

To get here, we just took bus to Sadang station then took subway to dongdeamun.

Dongdeamun Shopping Complex is one of Korea's most representative markets. There are over 5000 shops located in this district, selling variety of fabric, materials accessories, souvenir and so on. The fabric and clothes here are the most latest fashion trends.

We bought a pair of shoe it sold at 55000won and after we bargain and bargain again then we get the last price --> 40000won. It's cool to do that to see how far is our negotiation skills. And of course negotiation with the right way. Not after bargain then didn't buy it sure will be curse by the seller and bargain with the reasonable price.

15/09/2012 - Saturday (Suwon World Cup Stadium)

The next day, we went to Suwon World Cup Stadium. Early in the morning, we went out to have our breakfast plus lunch nearby Ajou University. I can't remember the shop name.. but what i know is the shop serve food very very express and we just need to wait in 5 minutes to get foods.

After done for the meal and charge fully energy, we walk to Suwon World Cup Stadium. On our way to the Stadium, we stop by at the Cactus Shop. It's really beautiful and sweet~

It's really make me miss my cactus that i use to plant a lot a home. After further my study to Kuala Lumpur, no one care about them. So at the end, all died. =( 
It's remind me that, last time i use to watch and take care of them everyday almost 3 times per day. Make them pretty, watering them, fertilizer them and so on. Now, all that just kept in my memories.

For me, cactus is strong and they protect them self from all the thing that can bring harm to them. From cactus, i learn to be strong and always protect my self because i always be alone outside and far away from family. But, no matter how strong the person is.. deep inside he/she always have the weak side. =)

After done visited the cactus shop, we move to Suwon World Cup Stadium. Suwon World Cup Stadium optimally designed so that audienes can actually feel the dynamic movement of the players. The stadium really really near to Ajou University and we just took a walk to go there.

We never though that, that day they have the football match and there is some shop open up for sell and some game for the audience to have fun together. 

So i play game and get some free gift. =) I ask my other friends to join me play those games but they shy or don't like it... So i play it alone... 

Since we didn't buy the ticket so we can't enter the stadium to watch the football match. Then we just took a walk around the stadium and never though the stadium view and decoration so nice. Some decoration bring the meaning but we don't know how to read in Korea so we just have fun and took pictures of it... =)

They even set up the place for kids to play around. =)

It's really a nice place to visit. The view really make me feel peaceful. =)

Next, we took bus to Home Plus to buy foods and daily need. Now, all of us didn't feel scare anymore to go out by our self. We started know how to go and where to go or take which bus to go. We didn't fear anymore that we don't know Korean languages and hard to communicate. All we need is to be brave and dare to ask. 

The longer we stay here, the more we understand and know what the Korean people try to talk to us. Just we don't know how to respond to them in Korean. Soon i think, time goes by... we won't have any problem and enjoy the life we have here with meaningful. =)

16/09/2012 - Sunday (Seoul Sport Complex)

Today at 7am we prepare our self for the World Peace Festival at Seoul Sport Complex. The bus, breakfast and lunch are provided by Manam staff for us. Though that just a normal event, but never though it is a big event and there is a lot of people come to join it. The Sport Complex are fully seat by people from all over the South Korea.

The World Peace Festival as we know is they gather all the foreigner in South Korea at this event to show the Korean Culture. After get our name tag and the instruction from the Manam staff, we start moving into the Complex to get seat.

This is the entrance for the Complex, we been stuck at here almost 1 hour to get in because everyone want to go in. Every group have almost 50-200 people.

Here are the people who ready for the performance in this event.

After get our seat, here we are.. The view from our seat.. It's really high and that day it's really really windy and all of us get cold. Felt like sitting beside the beach. Too cold~

The performance keep on coming non-stop from the Korean. It's cool to see them do this. All look so beautiful and systematic. I wish that Malaysia also can do it. 

As we can see the view kept changing all the time when the performance is in.

This event started from 9am until 6pm but we go back early because we felt boring. The festival shows that gathering all the foreigner in Korea and like all are ONE but we really disappointed with this event because it's actually more to inviting us to join them in Christian. The performance kept showing Jesus pictures. Well, everyone have it own religion and culture.  I think it is more important to respect others religion. =)

So around 2pm we took subway to Iteawon and have our dinner over there then go back University.