Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lose 10kg in 73days with Healthy Way

Good Day, friends.

Today I would like to share some useful and helpful information for all of my friends, who knows me and have been reading my blog. So now, I going to share how’s the way I loss 10kg in 73 days. Well, it may sound funny and impossible but believe me, I DO loss 10kg in that period and all the friends around me noticed it and even some of them keep asking me: “What happen Susan and how??”

Sometimes, I just do not want people to know how I did it because they just don’t believe it and sometimes I lazy to explain it many times so I just answered to my friends: “My College no food for me to eat.” Haha.. =)

How’s the diet mood come from?
Actually, this was my first spirit (semangat) to diet. Before this, I do want to diet but all that was just a word without an implementation. Then, there is a friend of mine introduce me to Herbalife products, mentioning that with this product I can lose weight without doing anything. All I need to do is just take the product and eat as usual. Well, I’m the person kind of hard to believe something that we didn’t work up for it and get thing for free. But I still try it, so I bought the Herbalife shake and tea. That’s course me RM300 and It’s really a lot for me due to I’m just a student.

How’s Herbalife helps me?
I started to drink the Herbalife shake and tea on 16th April 2012 and in a week I lost 1.3kg. In the second week, I lost 1.5kg. From here it is look like Herbalife’s product do really works up but in my opinion that’s not the case. But why I did still lost weight? 

Then I found out, it was because of the way I control my eating habits. Joining Herbalife, you will have a coach, a person to control you and guide you. My coach, she gave me a list of paper that shows, what I need to eat, drink and of course I need to follow it. I will update to her everyday about my eating habits. I practiced it for past two weeks and it made my body became weak and tired because most of the time my tummy was empty. I was not able to pay attention in class, felt sleepy and at the end I started to feel tummy pain. 

Try to imagine, morning and night time, you only have to drink water and drink the Herbalife product. For lunch, just a small quantity of rice and vegetables only. If you hungry, just drink lots of water. Overall, I felt that this diet plan was actually weakening my body system.

Advice from my sister.
I have heard that many people lost weight because of Herbalife and maybe Herbalife product just not suitable for me. Then, when my sister got to know about this I got a long lecturing from her saying that I had wasted my money. She said: “if you want to diet, there are many ways to do, not by wasting money. Do it in a healthy way.” So, she gave me Elken Spirulina as a supplement for my diet process. Then, I stop using Herbalife because I wanted to see the result of using Elken Spirulina, applying together with the healthy diet process. 

Well, after practice it for a week, I loss 2.2kg. =) Elken Spirulina really helps me a lot such; it makes me not to feel hungry easier and keep me energetic. It didn’t affect my concentration in class or any activities either.

My diet practice.
After analysis the result from using Herbalife and advice from my sister, I found out a suitable way for my diet process.

Every morning before class, I will take 5 tablets of Elken Spirulina, 3 to 5 spoon of Oat mixed up with Nestum because I don’t like to eat plain Oats and sometime I do mix up Oats with honey, and take an apple. The most important is to drink water consistently because water does help a lot to our body. All this help my tummy stay up until lunch time.

During lunch, I will take half of the rice, vegetables which slowly I fell in love with the vegetables, with some meat and chicken but not the fried one and finally I will drink soup or eat fruit.

Then every evening around 5.45pm, I prepare myself to go for jogging at UKM Stadium for an hour.

At last for dinner, I will 5 tablets of Elken Spirulina again, 3 to 5 spoon of Oat, an apple and vegetables soup. Sometimes I also will take tomyam for my dinner. Any soup that I like and of course less oil. =) whenever i felt hungry i will grab any fruits to eat.

Sometimes, in the morning when there is no class I will go to UKM Stadium for jogging. So I practice all this till 27th June 2012 which as a result I lost 10kg in 73 days! =)

Guidance from a friend.
She is the friend who always guide and help me all the time in this diet process period. She is the one who taught me the right way to jog, exercise and also control my eating. And she also the one who made me fell in love with jogging which i never had the intention to jog in my entire life. Besides that, she also agreed and followed my sister’s advice; which she said “don’t depend too much on diet product. Diet in a healthy way.” That’s why she brings me to jogging.

Well, human always forget and keep doing what they usually do and eat. So whenever I forgot and order oily food, fried food or some food that will cause me fat, she is the one who always stop me.

There is different and a lot kind of friends. I have a friend, who always bring food for me and always bring me to go for eating even she knows that I’m on diet. So, we need to control ourselves. Be motivated and discipline. So find and get a right friend who helps us not the one who brings harm to us.

Last, someone that can help us is ourselves.

Be consistent, motivated, discipline, hardworking, don’t easily to give up, and the most important is don’t care what people say. Because whenever you try to do something for yourself, there is somebody who will try to disturb you. In my case, there are some friends who keep saying “there is no use to diet, because after that you will gain weight again.” And I also heard some friends say, “Diet only make you tired and it’s just a wasting time.” But actually, all these words motivated me. It made me want to diet even more and make me wanted to prove that they are wrong. So at the end, I made it. =)

For this two months, my best achievement is I loss 10kg without any diet products, I achieve jogging non-stop 10 round at UKM stadium and minimum drinks 4liter water per day. Set some goal and work hard to achieve it. At the end, when you achieve it, you will proud of yourself and other people will start to respect yourself even more. Besides that, don’t give excuses say that you can’t do it. Nothing is impossible if we work hard and consistent in doing it. Whose know we can achieve even more bigger then what we though. =)

And now I will set another new goal to achieve in my diet process which is I want to lose another 10kg in future. Let’s work hard together for those who also in diet. =)