Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 5: National Ginseng Outlet

National Ginseng Outlet

18/03/2012 Sunday - This morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we move towards our first destination on this day, the National Ginseng Outlet.

Korean ginseng is considered as one of quality. Traditionally, ginseng is used in medicine. Ginseng root helps to improve the flow, increasing the blood source, exercise and can help recovery from illness.

We were briefed on the different types of Ginseng and the quality and usefulness. We understand that the highest quality Ginseng requires a period of 6 years to mature, fit and have good quality. 6 years old ginseng is only available in Korea and to preserve and maintain it, the Korean government has blocked and prevented 6-year-old ginseng is sold to other countries. 4 years old Ginseng and below are allowed to be sold to other countries. Here we also briefed how to plant and the way to take a look of Ginseng which is so sensitive on space and land use. After planting ginseng, and land area used is not able to do any planting for 14 years.

All Tourist or visitors are not allowed to took photos in here due to Ginseng is one of the most protected item from Korea. =)

Day 4: GyeongBok Gung

We continue with a visit to the Palace GyeongBok. GyeongBok palace was built in 1395 and is also commonly referred as "Northern Palace" because it is located in the northern part of the most far compared to other Palace. We are very impressed to see the existing buildings in this palace as the work of art is beautiful and unique.

Starting from the moment the door open until the close of the Palace but still many tourists and locals who come to visit this palace. Here, for visitors, we can learn and see with our self the Korean traditional culture because here displayed all the revenues and history of Korean relics.

Day 4: National Folk Museum

National Folk Museum is situated in the palace museum Gyeongbok and also presented more than 4,000 historical artifacts that were used in the daily life of ordinary people of Korea from ancient times until now. 

Here we can look more closely and understand the domestic and agricultural lifestyle as before, and learn about Korean cultural beliefs. Korean National Folk Museum has a library, souvenir shop, and a variety of permanent exhibits.

The Main Entrance

Its really a suitable place for the tourist or students to understand more about Korean culture, their traditional and life style. Beside that, in future for the new generation of Korean, they will knowledgeable their own history by visit to this museum.

I think Malaysia should have one museum where can keep all the Malaysian life style, culture and traditional in 1 museum and always update the current changes culture in a museum so that the Malaysia people will be more appreciate our own culture. =)