Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 2: Busy Days (Myeongdong & Ajou)

Week 2: 02/09/2012 - 09/09/2012

02/09/2012 Sunday

It's Sunday! As we all make a promise that when we are here, we will go out every weekend to have a walk in South Korea. So we really do that even it is tired. Once in a life time we have this kinda chance to be here for 4 months.. So we need to appreciate all the time we have here. =)

Today our senior bring us go to Myeongdong (明洞)! As everyone knew Myeongdong is one of the big shopping districts in Seoul. So the common products for sale here include clothes, shoes and accessories. I been here last March 2012 but when i came to this place again i totally can't recognized it. It's totally different and I guess maybe because last time we only have limit time to walk around.

From Ajou University, we took bus to Sadang station and from there we took subway to Myeongdong. Once reach, there is a lot people and everyone is busy shopping. We look for the Restaurant to have our lunch + dinner. Then we found it and have our Bibimbap that cost 4,500won (RM13.50).

 After done for the meal, we start took a walk for shopping. As we can see, there is a lot of shop and have a lot of new stuff with cheaper price. Here, we can bargain with the seller to get the good price. =)

Here we are, the dry food stall? It's sell all the dry food such as squish, potatoes and so on.

Next, we also have the Orange stall which sell the orange juice. They will on the spot have the orange juice for you and some of my senior bought it and i try it... Hmmm... i don't like... Too sour because they didn't put any sugar i guess.... and the orange not really nice.. The taste a little bit different from the orange import to Malaysia.

And of course, here most they have the ladies accessories. My advice for ladies.. Please come to this place for shopping. Really really important. Hahaha.. =) It's like a shopping parade for ladies.

The beautiful Kabang~

Here are the Korean traditional biscuit that made by this adjumma. It's look cute and simple but i didn't try it. I guess it just a normal taste and scare to try because most Korean food a little bit plain.

The lovely socks~ I really need to go here again to buy it back to Malaysia!

We have a walk and shopping for a few clothes and i ate a lot of new stuff here. From noon until night time, we shopping non-stop here. We do split in a few group and meet up at the time we promise at the location we came from. So it's easier for all of us to walk and shopping what we want.

07/09/2012 Friday

Today after Diana finish her class at 1.30pm, she bring me to outside of the Ajou University to have lunch + dinner. Since just 2 of us so we can eat anything we wanted to. So she bring me to the School Pizza. This big pieces of Pizza finish by 2 of us. It's really really full. 

After ate it, my view/though, i still like Malaysia Pizza Hut because its tasty and delicious. School Pizza i not really like it because it taste too plain compare to Pizza Hut which taste stronger. We can taste the onion, cheese, meat and everything but the School Pizza i can't feel it. I think it cheaper here because it cost 5,000won (RM15) big piece but if we compare to Pizza Hut it expensive. Pizza Hut with RM20+ we will get 1 set with drinks, garlic bread and soup. But this we only get 1 piece of Pizza and the drink we have to pay more to get it.

This week, all of the exchange student include us are so busy because, this is the week we all spend a lot of money to settle up our dormitory payment, alien registration card, insurance payment and so on. Plus this is the week we started to register/drop our courses and went to the class to see weather the class environment and the subject really suitable for us.

Beside that, 3 of us try to explore Suwon area taking bus by our self without senior assist and yes we can! =) It's kinda fun! Then we also started to explore here by walking around to see the environment. By walking around, i just realize that, in Korea there is Body shop/ Cosmetic shop everywhere and it's cheap!!! 

The thing that i like is all the body shop here, once you buy a thing there always will have a sample or free gift for you... I really happy each time i went to any body shop. =) It's parade for girl~~~ and i always advice my friends to come here for holiday. =)