Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Friendship's Farewell

23rd August 2012, Thursday is waiting for me. Therefore, farewell parties from friends also coming all along. Most people think that farewell symbolic of sorrow and sadness but for me farewell symbolic excited and happiness! A very special and unforgettable moment with friends. =)

Everyone is busy with their own life but when come to farewell parties everyone sure will be there for us. Which mean, friends willing to sacrifice their precious time just for me. This is the day all of us will spend time doing thing that we want to do together for a long long time ago. 

On 5th August 2012, My close friend, Mas, she invite all of her closer friends to her brother house to have a dinner. So, we cook and spend time together. From here, i started to know some of her close friends from other dormitory.

After having dinner, suddenly Mas told me that she stomach pain and ask me to go to her brother's room take the medicine for her. I went into her brother's room, the room was dark and only the desk are lighting. Then i keep looking at the desk for few time and i smile. There is a cake writing "Susan, Good Luck" and the big card made by her for me. Its was so touching and deep in my heart i felt glad and at the same time i felt sad because i have to leave her soon to further my study at South Korea.

They come in and each of them take turn to wish me good luck. When come to my turn to say something, i was like nothing can come out from my mouth. The word that only i say is "Thank you so much".

Here, the cake and card that made by Mas and for sure i will bring it to Korea to put it in my room and will think of her everyday.

We shared smiles..
We wiped the tears and through the years..
Our friendship has grown along with us..
You are truly a wonderful part of my life...

** When apart only then we realize that 
our friendship become more stronger and need each other more.


On 8th August 2012, My other close friends, Sharen and Hong ask me out to celebrate our farewell together. Since after i'm done study in Korea and back to Malaysia hard to meet them again due to they will go for internship and i will start working. 

On that day, we went to Neway for karaoke. The funny thing is my dear Sharen went out for a long long time to find a gift for me while Hong accompany me singing. Sharen back with a sweet color purse and tiramisu cake. Really thanks to them for spending time and make all of this for me. I wonder if we will meet up again and hang up together some day..

The sincerely friendship that we build from the first year study at UKM, at the first time we met until today...
hope it will keep lasting forever. 
I will kept all the memories we had in my mind and my heart.

A friend say.. 
The real and true friendship is came from the honest and trust. 
So will always be honest and appreciate all the friendship i have and take care of it as much as i can. =)