Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 3: Teddy Bear Farm

Lunch at Korean Restaurant

After end of visiting Nami Island, we took lunch at Korean restaurant. Here we have been served variety of Korean food. Upon completion of lunch, we went to the Teddy Bear Farm for the following destinations.Travel from Nami Island to Teddy Bear Farm, Gangwondo, Korea tooks about 1 hour.

Welcome to Teddy Bear Farm

Teddy Bear Farm is one of the largest collections of teddy bear home in Korea. In this house there are various size of teddy bear with a variety of costumes and themes. What's interesting about this house is all the teddy bear here are the owner handmade Teddy Bear.

Rahma and me.

Too excited for photo shooting

Study with teddy bear

Little teddy bear at the corner side in house.

Soldier teddy bear

Happy Birthday Suet Ying!

Teddy Exhibition Corner.

Big Teddy Bear Entry.

Study with teddy bear

teddy bear farm

There is cute teddy bear every where surrounding us. =)

Day 3: Nami Island

On Vessel to Nami Island

16th March 2012 Friday - After breakfast at 8 o'clock, we check out and went to Nami Island for our next destination. The journey from Lexington Hotel to Nami Island takes 3 hours.

Nami Island names are named after general Nami. It was not just a tourist island and even places. Purpose of the visit to enable us to know there is a global employability and world history, not only be knowledgeable in the history of their own country.

Nami Island in South Korea proved so popular in television drama, Winter Sonata, a few years ago which saw the presence of many fans visit this destination. However, the true uniqueness of this small island, backed by natural beauty and the brainchild of art, including sculpture using second-hand goods.

Upon arriving at Port Gapyeong, be continued on a ferry trip across the Han River, which took about five minutes. Its vessels are unique decorated with flags of various countries in the world shapes and patterns. Flags of the various countries according to the island slogan `In Naminara (Republic of Nami), we are all brothers'.

Entrepreneurial business people

Delicious Pau, Nami Island
Nami Island weather contrast to the weather at the local area of South Korea, which is more cold and the snow still has not fully melted. We were given two hours to explore the island. A variety of fun activities can be seen in the islands that make this island beautiful and eternal beauty. Besides that, we can also note the nature of entrepreneurial business people there independently and how the island is attracting the attention of people to go there. Until today i still love to eat the Pau at Nami Island. The cold weather with hot and delicious Pau in mouth. Yummy yummy! =)

Me and the Pau. =)
Nice places, Nami Island

Creative and Unique Building, Nami Island
Beautiful Tourist Information at Nami Island
Country Restaurant, Nami Island
The Creativity using bottle's cover to make a draw.
3 of them--> alike. hahaha.. =)

There is a Toilart Studio at Nami Island which all the tourist can draw their signature at the toilet. Its a real toilet not for exhibition only. Really really can use it. So both of us drop down our signature for memories. 
Hope in future when i have the chances to go again sure i will go find our signature and take a look again. =)

Our Signature at Toilart Studio, Nami Island
Attractive Places
Nice drawing Board, Nami Island
They using the dry leave to make a love shape, Nami Island

 It is a wonderful and attracting place to go when you are in South Korea. 
Never ever miss this chances to visit Nami Island. =)

Day 2: Ajou University & Soulbridge International School

After our visit to the Embassy of Malaysia, participants are split into 2 groups to visit Ajou University and Solbridge International School and i was in the Ajou University group. =)
Below are some little introduction about both universities.


Ajou University

Ajou University is a leading university in South Korea. It was founded in 1973 with the motto of "Asia's Best Universities for the 21st century". Ajou University is known throughout the world through its innovative international programs which have partnerships with more than 200 universities in 58 countries. In addition, Ajou University also known by the academic and research programs in areas of engineering, IT, Medical Science, Business Management and International. For the parnership between Ajou University with The National University of Malaysia (UKM) is more than 3 years.

Photography Session at Ajou University 

2pm - After arriving at Ajou University, we are warmly welcomed by lecturers, students and officers who work there. Then we were invited to the House intelligence of Ajou University. The above is our photography session with them. Well it seen like, Malaysian are more shorter than Korean. hahahaa... =)

Presentation by both University

Representatives of both parties mutually introducing university through the presentation. In addition, we also hold a dialogue with Ajou University students. From here i make friend with some korea friends which still keep in touch until now in facebook. =)

dialogue Session with Students 

After end of a dialogue with them, we are invited by the students of OIA (Office of International Affairs) to participate in campus visit so that we can look more closely at their learning environment and facilities provided by the university to students Ajou University. There is lot of nice view and good facilities provided by university and if i was giving a chances in future to study here, sure i will grab and hold on this opportunity! =)

The view of Ajou University

Ajou University
Here are some little snacks that i took from Ajou University to share with my friend, Suet Ying who was in the Solbridge International School group. I think Malaysia need to produces nice and attractive product packaging like Korea products. =)


International education institutions was launched by WooSong University in 2007. The Faculty offers a major in business studies undergraduate program (BBA) and graduate program (MBA). Studies are based on American curriculum module in the study is entirely in English.

The journey to the International University Solbridge take more than one hour and a half to arrive from Ajou University which was not far from the Embassy of Malaysia. Upon arrival, they were invited to the meeting room to start the session met with the dean and Solbridge International University student. International University Dean gave a brief description about Solbridge International University. In his explanation, he said the university aims to make the International University as the "Harvard In Asia".

Activities at Soulbridge International School

Photography Session

Day 2: Embassy of Malaysia at South Korea

Embassy of Malaysia, South Korea

15th March 2012, Thursday - 8.30am we departed from Incheon International Airport to the Embassy of Malaysia at South Korea and arrived there about 9am. We are welcomed by the officer in charge of the embassy, Mr Abdullah and we were briefed on the relationship between the 2 countries, Korea and Malaysia.

Embassy is the first place that will serve as a reference when there are any problems that occur either as the employee or students is a national of a country. The embassy also serves to inform about country with more depth to the locals who want to migrate or travel to the country.

Embassy of Malaysia in South Korea is located in Yongsan - Seoul city is faced with the back door of Dankook University and aim to obtain general information related to the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and South Korea. It is important to facilitate the Malaysian embassy to contact in case of emergencies.

We also held a dialogue session with the Malaysian Embassy staff in South Korea in the case related to two-way relationship between the 2 nations.

Activities at Embassy Of Malaysia, South Korea
Photography Session at Embassy of Malaysia, South Korea

Day 1: South Korea

Friends of mine. =)

Just a few days before leaving to South Korea for my study trip, i hang up with my best and cute buddy Hong and sharen for the very last minute shopping with them and have lunch together. Really thanks to them for buy me the ear cover as a gift for my Mobility Outbound program and you what its really useful for me over there. Thanks Buddies. =)

Before Leaving to South Korea.

LCCT airport, Malaysia

14th March 2012, Wednesday - 6.15pm all Mobility Outbound Knowing Asean +3 2012 participants are required to gathered at Faculty of Economics and Management (FEP) and went to LCCT at 7pm by bus to check in and wait for the flight to Incheon International Airport, South Korea at 11pm.

Flight from LCCT to Incheon International Airport takes about 5 hours to reach and we arrived at Incheon Airport at 5am (Malaysia time). Korea is 1 hour earlier than Malaysia.

Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea and began operations in 2001. Incheon Airport is the main airport in Seoul and also operates as 1 of the 8 busiest airport in the world.

Incheon International Airport

This is my first experience took flight with a lot of friends. Its kinda fun due to everyone is excited went to South Korea for a study trip. Its make me remember how all of us hard work to find sponsor with do mass marketing under a hot sunny day, sending email and make calls to get sponsor, open booth sell foods to earn money and so on. Even there is a lot of procedure and hard work need to do before that, but when we reach there, everything was worth it. =)

Mobility Outbound Knowing Asean +3 2012_ South Korea

Mobility Outbound Knowing Asean +3 2012

Each year, Exco International and Corporate Relations, Faculty of Economics and Management Student's Society (PMFEP), UKM will hold an international program abroad. Previously, Knowing Asean +3 program destinations are Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and China. For this year, this program has been branded a MOBILITY OUTBOUND KNOWING ASEAN +3 2012 in which the destination of choice is South Korea.

South Korea was selected as a destination this year because this country is one of the country that developed in various fields such as management, education and technology. With the topic of research carried this delegation is "Malaysia's Management vs Korea's Management" is meet the theme of "Diversity in Knowledge Enhances First Class Graduates".

This year, total 26 students including me from the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEP) was selected to participated. All efforts have been taken by participants to achieved the goal and the success of this program together. Finally we managed to achieve goals and carry out this program in South Korea.

I was one of the Publicity Team member which, my duties is design banner, make publicity in facebook, and find sponsorship. Its really a good and wonderful experience in my study life which i learn to be more independent, brave, confident and manage to improve my communication skills and my other soft skills.

Each opening semester/ new semester, our student's society will open the registration counter for all students to apply. Then from there, there will be a selection and interview by lecturers and the student's society to choose the right person to participate this program. 

My suggestion to all FEP students, join more FEP program and gain a lot of experience and knowledge which will help us to improve in different kind of skills that have we have. =)