Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 5: Entertainment Week~ Yeepii~

24/09/2012 - 30/09/2012

26/09/2012 - Wednesday
Early in the morning i saw there is a notice in Ajou facebook group say that there is a PSY Concert today at Gyeonggi University which is just about 15minutes from Ajou University. My first impression is..... unbelievable... are they joking? "Is it for real PSY is nearby here?" Then after keep talking to all the friends here, all slowly get excited and YES!! we going to the concert tonite!! 

For the first time im here in South Korea have a chance to attend the concert and it is PSY! Well even im not really into him but as everyone know he is famous and the "Gangnam Style" is like a virus go around the world~~ 

Since it is late and we don't know which bus we should take to the university, end up we take taxi and it cost us around 5,000won (RM15) with 5 people in taxi after we persuade the driver to take all of us together! Kinda funny with the desperate moment.. Lucky the driver was nice and agree to take us. Hehee..

In taxi, we keep talking to the driver say we wanna go Gyeonggi University.. then the driver get confused with the Gyeonggi and Kyeongi University... Haizzz.... Korean language really hard to pronounce because the sound of K and G are the same~~ It's really hard to deferential it..... Luckily the driver understand after i wrote down and show to him. =.=" Sweat~
Once we reach Gyeonggi University there is a lot of car and people until the taxi can't get in and only drop us outside. Then when we walk in it was like "Wow~ so many people waiting infront the stage..." Then we also try our best to get in front the stage.. but not really good in the position...

Because when PSY come out all keep jumping so we can't really see the stage... (we are short... you know girls~).. Then all the people like crazy keep screaming non-stop and i almost became deaf~~~ Really can't hear anything when friends talk to me.. so we also need to scream talk to each other and i also join in the club~~~ Screaming for PSY~~ Heheheee... (Kalo nak enjoy kene la enjoy betol2 kan~) 

I don't know how much they pay for PSY for the concert but yet he sang a lot of his songs~ Really cool~ We was in the concert and listen to his singing almost 1 hour maybe...

When it come to Gangnam Style everyone keep screaming and sing together loundly and of coz! Dance together!! Everyone took their own space and Dance!! 

After end of the concert, 3/4 people at the concert are back and the place like half life are gone~~ From here we can see how power is the PSY influence his fans. Really scary sometime to think about this. =.=

Then we also went back to have our dinner nearby Ajou. =) 

It was a really good experience to felt the concert live in South Korea. Totally difference from any Malaysia concert that i have joined. Here people are so crazy and really high if compare to Malaysia concert. Malaysia concert are high but Korea is more more more high and crazy~ That the only words i can describe bout them..


27/09/2012 - Thursday

Today, in MIS class my Korean classmate told me that tonite in our school there is a small concert as well and there is one singer coming! Concert again~~~~ =.= but this time im not really excited because i don't know the singer... Then my Korean friend say just go to have a look and the singer name is "Kim Tae Woo".. So i go back room search internet who is him and listen to his songs.. and yet... his song are not bad... so i told other friends about it and all get excited and will go to the concert..

Since we don't know when is he coming, we go to the location at 7pm something... and who know.. it actually is a audition for the Ajou students. I don't know what happen and we just listen to them... after waiting for longtime i felt boring and tired so some of us go back room..

After awhile around 10pm something suddenly i heard from my room there is a lot of people scream~ I CAN HEAR IT FROM MY ROOM~ Hmmm... felt a little bit disappointed because can't see it but still ok because i can hear clearly his voice.. and when he sing the song that i like... it was like... hurmmm~ so nice~~ =.=

I like this song --> Love Rain.. So sweet~

So today end up this way ---> I can't make it to the concert~ T^T


28/09/2012 - Friday  ...Everyday is Holiday...
After planning for few week few days finally we choose today to go to Everland!!! The most largest South Korea amusement park!!! Yeah~ Beside that, we also have another reason to go there which is they have discount for the foreigners due to the Korean Chuseok Holiday (Thanksgiving Day)!

So we only need to pay half of the actual price which is 23,000won (RM69) and print out this coupon, bring it to the counter. =) In Korea, if there have any public holiday it sure will have the promotion so all we need to do is alert to the news and grab the chances we have. So Enjoy!!

Everland operating hours normally is from 9.30am to 10pm and the operating hours are subject to change so need to check first at their website before go. From Ajou, we walk until the Home Plus Express there to take the 66 bus to go there and the journey took almost 1 hour something and it is the end station of the bus journey..So we just get off from the bus with the bus driver as well. Then when we reach there, there is a Everland bus will take all the passenger to the main gate of Everland.

When i reach the main gate i was like "Wow~ Its really cool and beautiful.. feel like i living in cartoon life not reality anymore~". Since it is Friday so there is less people at the Everland. After buy the ticket and take the map with us, so here it is! our Excited moment to play all the games here!

Every times when we want to play any game we need to show this ticket and i think it really Mafan~~ Mean inconvenience because easier to get lose the ticket and why Everland didn't let the customer to wear something like in Sunway Lagoon, something like bracelet? Hmmmm.. 

This few months Everland decorate with Halloween theme and it so beautiful...and of coz as usual i like to take pictures! crazy of picture!

While walking and take pictures... We come to our first game! Its really make me felt dizzy after that. That thing i don't know what the name, it keep spinning and swing all of us inside there...

Everland is big and have divided into 5 sections which is American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, Zoo Topia and Roller Coaster, in addition to the Global Fair. Global Fair is primarily a place for food, souvenir and pictures.

yes... her face... she so happy today~

Zoo Topia is an animal themed portion. There is pony rides and animal shows but we didnt go for the ride.. because for us that for kids and we choose to play other games. Beside that, they also have a small zoo with sea lions, penguin, tiger, lion, bear and so on.  Really beautiful and the animal here is bigger than Malaysia animal i mean in Zoo.. Heheheee... and the animal are smart especially the bear because they train them to do the cute action like sit down, stand up and walking like human, and so on. =)

This bears so cute and they do the action as the driver ask to. 

European Adventure are the architecture imitates different European styles.  There is a flower garden encircled by a train, games and arcades. There is a new ride named "T Express" was the most i like!! This is the 1st and the most faster/express roller coaster i had ride! I suggest to all people who wanna go there must go for it! But there is a lot of people Q for it. So have to be patient... because we also wait almost 2 hours in the cold weather with raining day~ T^T

Magic Land is an elaborate array of buildings and rides. There is also a log flume, a futuristic flying ride and a robot ride. Too many pictures and i actually dont know which part is which section...

They also have a lot of the adventure games.. Really scary but fun!!!! Too much games we play and keep screaming non-stop..

Beside that, we also watch 4D movie... even we can't understand the korean but the movie shows everything.. still we can understand it. =) Really fun until we can feel we are in the movie. The chairs are moving.. the strong wind blow to our faces and so on. Cool~

Q waiting for the mini roller coaster~

We didnt play it because even we watch from down here we also keep screaming like them on top there... Scary~

We have to ride on the cable car to go on top for other games. =)

Here we are the Horror Village.. Heard that this is also the new part of Everland.. Really beautiful decoration and guess what... After 6.30pm there is a lot and difference kind of ghost coming out for hunting! I found many many ghost there and grab the chance to take pictures with them~ Some really scary but some really funny... 
We keep laughin when the ghost scare and chase people around there and those people keep screaming and run away. Hahhaaaa..

The beautiful princess ghost~


Its really a tired day and crazy because almost all the games we play it since there is not much people and we no need to Q for long time... Some even no need to Q... We keep run here run there to play all the games... Cool day!

Then there is a Ghost Maze house something like ghost house.. This are the new thing to play but we have to pay for it. It's cost 5000won (RM15) and they have 2 maze.. One design like in hospital and another one i think is the old house.. We choose the hospital maze because the girl who work there as the cashier say this one more scary.. So we choose it! And what... from beginning till the end we keep screaming non-stop and the ghost inside there keep come to us and follow us... Really scary and me..for the 1st time scream and scare in the ghost house... Before this in Malaysia i just keep laughin but this.. their face still keep playing in my head... Horror~~ T^T Anyone have heart attack.. please don't try it.. You will die early~ Hahaha...

So around 9pm something we go back dorm with the tired face and everyone was sleepy in the bus until we reach Ajou. otw back all keep silent and didnt talk much... Just go back room, shower and sleep... That's the end of the Everland day...

Saturday and Sunday, since all so tired we only rest in room and didnt go out at all.. TOO TIRED~ It really a tired week for us because we join too much activities that scream a lot.. laugh a lot and use too much energy for walking... But it is a meaningful week!!! =)