Sunday, September 2, 2012

Seoul Trip : Trick Eye Museum & Free Market

1/09/2012, Saturday 
Today we followed the Seoul Trip that organized by AGA members. There are 4 group which is A, J, O, U visit different places and 3 of us joined the J Style Group. J group visit Trick Eye Museum, and Free Market.

Early in the morning, 8am we gather in front of Yulgok Hall and prepare to our location. But we a little bit disappointed because we have to wait for other people to come and wasting more than an hour. Aigo~ Aigo Aigo~ there always have the punctuality problem. After they think everyone is here then only we took bas from Ajou to Sadang Station (45mins) and from Sadang we took Subway to Hong-Ik University station (around 45mins)
Our 1st location is Trick Eye Museum. Trick Eye Museum is an interactive museum with a new concept that simulates our creativity and imagination by the eye-tracking, French technique through our vision. We can enter to the picture which we only use to watch and we also will become the subject of the picture by our self! Here, there are the world of various masterpieces and wonderful 3 dimension pictures!
The Entrance Door

Trick Eye Museum help us learn aesthetic senses of form and also stimulate our creativity which leads to the activation of our brain. Through scientific theories hidden in the pictures, our logic and thinking abilities will enhances. Our sense of art will also improve through the 5 senses!

Trick Eye Museum operating hour is 10am until 9pm and it is open everyday.  The entrance fee that we need to pay is 10,000won (RM 30). But if we go for the visit less than 20 people, we have to pay the actual fee which is 13,000won. There is 2 Trick Eye Museum in South Korea. One in Seoul and this was at Hongdae. Try visit to to see more clearly. =)

From this trip, i friends with some China girl. They really admire and praise me a lot due to i can speak Mandarin, Kantonis, Hokkien, Malay and English very well. After been here for a week i just realize that the ability of speaking in variety languages is really cool and amazing because i can communicate easily with other people. And of cause you will be noticed by a lot of people. But when in Malaysia, it is nothing special if you can speak different Chinese languages. I guess... maybe we all use to it all the times. =)

Here, we paid money to get the entrance ticket. Hehehee.. =)

This is what the Museum mean by "we can enter to the picture which we only use to watch and we also will become the subject of the picture by our self!"

So, lets have a look what so special in Trick Eye Museum!! Pali! Pali! Kacha!

Here, she is Diana a friend that i knew today and be really close friend after that. She from Sweden but her parent is from Hong Kong. So it's cool because she knew more languages than me! From the 160+ exchange student there is only 2 of us can really speak Kantonis. This girl she even can speak Spanish, Sweden, Kantonis, a little bit of Mandarin and so on.. Really can't remember what else languages she can speak. =.=         I wish that i also can be like her.. Speak a lot languages and travel everywhere. =)

After looking at this picture.. Sometimes i felt bad because it is Mona Lisa! But she fat.. Zzzz....

I believe i can fly~

Suddenly become famous. Hahaha.. =)

Really a big sushi i have. =)

Catching the thief with Panda~

This is the most funny and favorite picture of me. It's really cool and funny to think and look at this picture.

Ops~ Its Under Age Picture!
And this is also one of the picture that i like because it's really cool~ I never took this kinda picture. =)

Felt like i in Rome~

After done visited the Trick Eye Museum, all of us went to have lunch. We having Bulgogi & Bibimbap and it's only cost us 6,000won (RM18). It's Cheap! Plus the Bulgogi~ OMG~ For the 1st time i try and taste it and i never though it's really delicious!~ Mashita! if I'm not gain weight that's the liar... Pity to my other 2 muslim friends they can't eat it. So they ate some bread for the lunch. It's ok. I help them ate all~

Next, we move to Hongdae Free Market!

Hongdae Free Market is the open space between diverse artists and visitors to communicate with each other and consume culture. Visitors will find in the market creative items reflecting distinctive tastes of artists. In fact, everybody can participate in the market as his/her own creativity. Here, they does not offer goods but only creative items/ handmade items.

This is the place where we can put on the needle, pin, earing or anything.

This is the Boner keychain.

Book Mark


Hair Click

Ladies favorite~

Little cute earing. =)

Handmade Clock from wood.

Well, i didn't buy anything here because it too expensive for me and i just have a look. I really envy and respect them because they can made out something so creative and beautiful. This place almost similar like Central Market in Malaysia but here they are more creative and have a lot good items. After walking under the hot sun, we all went to have Pat Bing-Su (ice cream).

It's really a huge ice-cream and of course it is delicious. As the picture below it have strawberry, banana, kiwi, red bean, nataly coco, mash-mellow and so on. The way to eat it is, we mix all together. But on that day we don't know it so we just ate it like that. Really funny... =.=" This one, 4 people share 1 bowl and it's cost 12,000won (RM36)

After that, we all are free to go back or go anywhere we want. So we choose to go for shopping at hongdae until night time. =) 

We really have a nice day and of course tired all day long keep walking. I love to go shopping at Hongdae because all the thing here are cheap and beautiful. So for girl, please! When you come to Korea you must visit this place especially night time because all the shop open up. =)