Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 7: Full of Surprise..

Week 7: 08/10/2012 - 14/10/2012

08/10/2012 - Monday

Today the weather is getting colder and as usual due to the internet here like "OXYGEN" we always stay in the room online and chatting with friends. Then suddenly i saw a notification in facebook shows that one of our friend, Fania from Indonesia birthday tomorrow. For the last minute preparation or "EXPRESS SURPRISE", one of our friend find her and trick her to go to the rooftop where we are waiting there to surprise her.

Once she open the door and walk out, all of us scream and sing birthday song for her. She so touching and didn't expect from us for this surprise. Well, for the last minute preparation we didn't have a birthday cake for her but we do have the firework for her birthday! =) Happy Birthday Fania!

After that, she make a wish on her birthday with the firework before all the firework finish burn. =)

Just before end of the celebration, i do make a video record all the wishes from friends for her and herself also give some speech back to us. Look so funny but yes soon all this moment will become the most sweetest memorable memories for her. =)

Hope in future when she look back those pictures and video, she will smile and think of us which each of us are far away from different country. =)


12/10/2012 - Friday

Yes! Friday again!! 
Time pass by so fast and without realize its been the 7 weeks we're here, in South Korea! =) So what is the plan for this weekend? Well, to think where to go, where to do which not so far from our university, i look back to the Suwon map that gave by OIA at Orientation week and there it is!!! 

Something that catch my eyes... Something that special and not available in Malaysia... and maybe funny to know for the 1st time...but still it bring Korean culture to me. =)
Today we will visit Mr Toilet House!!! Sound so funny right?? Haha. 

Mr Toilet House template.
Mr Toilet House Front View
Mr Toilet House means a house to satisfy anxiety~~ =.= Well, in Malaysia we do have the Toilet Bowl restaurant, a restaurant's food and equipment are design based on toilet/bathroom and this, Mr Toilet House is a house that shape design based on toilet bowl and everything in the house are about the toilet. =) Awesome! 
Mr Toilet House Outside View

We took bus number 99 from Ajou University and get off at the entrance of Dongwon High School. The journey took about 30 minutes to reach and then we have a walk about 10 to 15 minutes to reach. Since we don't know where it is so we just ask anyone there. =)

Mr Toilet house shows how important a toilet is to humans as well as the toilet philosophy and faith of Sim Jae-duck. Sim jae-duck or Mr Toilet built this house that looked like a toilet to celebrate the birth of the World Toilet Association.. When i was here for the visit.. This is the 1st time i heard and never though there is a World Toilet Association in the world... =.= And guess what.. Mr Toilet House was recognized as the first and biggest toilet-shaped construction in Korea Recorded Institute in 2007.

News about world toilet association

The notices board then paste all the visitor pictures.

Mr toilet house entrance
After i came and stay in Korea, i agree and never denied that Korea public toilets are the most cleaner toilet compare to our public toilets.. =.= To imagine the toilet that we have... Haiz... no comment.. Wish that we also can be as clean as them in future..

Here, we saw many different kind of toilet bowl use by Korean from beginning till now. It's cute.. 

Statue that show how human make some "investment"... =..=

To think for the 1st time when i step in this place.. My expression is "yuck!!!" but after have a looked.. My though was change.. It is true to think when they say toilet actually also one of our own culture.. We can't live without it and everyday we have to go toilet and it actually part of our life... =)

Explanation by the person in charge.
Korea customer service always be number one for me. When we arrived and walked in  Mr Toilet House, they greeting and took us around and explain everything about the  Mr Toilet House's information. For your information, there is no entrance fees or any payment to have a visit here. =)

The owner of the Mr toilet house information and his achievements.
Besides that, they give a small gift to all the visitors. I also received this as a memorable gift from Mr Toilet House. =) I really admire and respect them because Korean they really appreciate everything that given to their life. =)

After that, we took some walk around the Mr Toilet House.. Beautiful and peace view of it.. And me! As usual.. Picture picture! =)

Here are some video click around Mr Toilet House... Hope to open up our mind~ =)


13/10/2012 - Saturday

After a tired day travel to Mr Toilet House yesterday, today we relax our self by watching movie at CINEMA! =) This is also one of the thing that in my list to do in Korea and finally i realize it! So excited and happy!

For Korean, some say watching movie is expensive for them... So for us is more and more expensive compare to what they felt.. Well, we are more understanding their feeling after all.

Due to one of my Korean friend work part time over there so he introduce us some English movie of course with Korean subtitle to watch. We choose Looper, an action movie to watch.

Movie Ticket
Our movie start at 1.22pm so we took taxi from Ajou University to Megabox at 12.30pm. 

After make payment, only then i realize the price... why so expensive because of the popcorn is BIG and the drink also BIG! So here the differences compare to us. Besides that, our currency also is one of the factor that make thing seen everything expensive here for us. T-T

Here the environment in the CINEMA...

Ticket counter

After done watched movie, all of us went to Home Plus which opposite the Megabox for dinner and shopping before we went back Ajou. It's really fun and happy because i had achieved what i wish for and experience it by myself. =)