Monday, August 27, 2012

Suwon Paldalmun Market

26/08/2012 - Sunday: 
Today, our senior bring us to Paldalmun market to buy some food, vegetables, fruits and other material for cooking. They say the price will be more cheaper and a lot of thing can get here. We also invite other exchange student to join us, so there is 2 other China friends, Huang Jia and July Kong followed us to the Paldalmun market. 

From Ajou University, we took bus number 720-2 to Paldalmun market and stop by the Paldalmun station just before the Suwon station. It's took around 15 to 20 minutes to reach there. Here, Korean people didn't call it Paldalmun market. They use to called it Namun market and i don't know why because when we asked the people here they like don't know where is the place. When we say "Namun", only then they will understood. 

Paldalmun is the south gate of Hwaseong Fortress. 
The name means "open roads in every direction"
Suwon Paldalmun market is found in the block surrounding Paldalmun (the gate).

Suwon Paldalmun market is BIG~ There is a lot blocks of shops sold clothes, shoes, bags and so on but we only walked at the wet market area to buy thing for cooking. The view of Paldalmun are yeppu-ta~ and felt peaceful. =)

So far, in my mind, Korea are clean and they really take care of the environment. We can see their river are clean and not smelly. Most of the river they make it to become a place for people to relax their mind and spend some time there. I think if Malaysia can make it like this, sure our country will be more clean and more visitor come to visit.

We took a walked at the Paldalmun market to looked around. Here, we go! =)

This is our first stop at the nuts shop. Here, they sold variety of nuts with a little cheaper price compared to other places in Korea but don't compare to Malaysia currency (it's really expensive~). In Korea, vegetables, fruits and meat are expensive. Really really expensive. When i want to buy anything, i always have to think twice and felt heart pain when want to pay the money. Haiz...

Some of us bought the Gajus and one of our senior bought the corn from this shop and i taste it. Hmmm~ I don't like it because it's taste weird compare to Malaysia corn. I like Malaysia corn because it sweet and delicious but Korean corn it's like taste chewy, plain and felt like eating "pulut" Malaysia sticky rice. 

Then i bought the apples here. One basket have 8 to 9 apples and the price is 5,000won similar to RM15. Aigoo~~~~ so expensive!   I'm Broke~    T^T 
But i still bought it because i love to eat apple. Then one thing that make me felt satisfied is the apples are big and sweet. =) In korea, peach and berry are everywhere... and.... i can't find Durian. Hahahaa... 

After that, we keep walked and have a look around the market and bought all the ingredient we need to cook.

There is many different kind of fish at here but we don't know how to cook it so we just have a looked and the fish are weird and even some look so funny and for sure it's expensive~

And looked here what i found. Cincalok~ Hehehee... but don't know here what they call it. It's look delicious but don't know how its taste like.

After that i found they sold Onion with the whole thing. In Malaysia, i never saw people sell onion like this. Here, nothing is impossible.

Korean cakes are colorful and some of them are delicious and some not suit to my taste. I love to see their cake every time i went to market or any shop that sold the cakes.. I just can't take my eyes off it. =)

Korean famous vegetables / food or slide dishes that always will serve no matter what Korean foods we eat. KIMCHI~ At Paldalmun, here you can get any kind of Kimchi you like and we are allow to try it. So what i did is.. try it all. Hehehee.. most are delicious and i like it. I bought Kimchi at the Home Plus (tesco) it is expensive compare to here. So next time i will buy it here and taste it all again. =)

Most Malaysian love spicy food, so we looking for the Chili but we can't find any spicy one. Here, the chili are not spicy enough that's why when we cook we have to put a lot chili in our dishes. 
Here are the dry chili at Paldalmun market.

After a few hour walked and shopping for food, all of us went back to Ajou University by taxi due to too much of thing we bought and the taxi only cost us around 4,000won. =)

Here some video make by me to show the environment of the Paldalmun wet market. It's fun and can see more clearly the foods that sell over here. 
Hope everyone enjoy watching it! =)